Yukata Contest

Every Bon Odori Festival, the festive goers await the starts of the Yukata Contests where women compete themselves to be conferred as the years MISS Yukata. Due to the large number of contestants, Yukata Contest normally starts a month or two before the actual Yukata contest on Bon Odori Festival. From the pool of contestants, the Team Yukata chooses 20, trimmed to 10, and finalized by only 5 contestants, recognizing them as the FINAL 5. Before a contestant makes its way into the FINAL 5, The Team Yukata strictly screens the contestant by natural beauty, intelligence and the art skill of wearing the Yukata.

Yukata Contest rules and guidelines

1. Contestant must be 14 years old and above. Contestants 14-17 years old must secure a waiver from their parents or guardians allowing them to join the contest.
2. Contestant must be a female
3. Contestant must be half Filipino or pure Filipino
4. The Yukata Contest will provide a yukata if the contestant doesn’t have one
5. Champions of previous yukata events are not allowed to rejoin the contest.