Karaoke Contest

The Japan-Cebu Karaoke Contest

Started as a joint project between the Association of Nihongo Teachers in the Visayas (ANT-V, @Antv Cebu), Philippine Association of the Japanese Ministry of Education Scholars (PHILAJAMES, @Philajames Cebu) and UP Otakufest last February 2014.

1st Japan-Cebu Karaoke Contest 2014 at OtakuFest, UP Lahug, Cebu City

The main objective of the contest is to spread the word about the Japanese Government Scholarships to the Filipino youth in Cebu.
The event took on greater heights when it became one of the featured attractions in the 2015 Japan Bon Odori Festival in Cebu (August 2015), and to an even higher level in the 3rd and 4th Japan-Cebu Karaoke Contest at the Bon Odori Summer Festival in Cebu (2016 and 2017).

2nd Japan-Cebu Karaoke Contest 2015 at The Family Park, Talamban, Cebu City

3rd Japan-Cebu Karaoke Contest 2016 at the Sugbu Grounds, SRP, Cebu City

4th Japan-Cebu Karaoke Contest 2017 at the Sugbu Grounds, SRP, Cebu City

We hope the 5th Japan-Cebu Karaoke Contest will continue to reach more people who love Japan’s culture and music.

5th Japan-Cebu Karaoke Contest 2018

Starting from the 4th Japan-Cebu Karaoke Contest 2017, we are proud to announce that the event has gotten BIGGER & STRONGER! The Japan-Cebu Karaoke Contest will be held in 2 DAYS (!!!!) on April 28 & 29, 2018 (Saturday & Sunday)!
This is one of the highlights of the 2018 JAPAN BON ODORI SUMMER FESTIVAL in CEBU and will be held in a new venue at the J Centre Mall, AS Fortuna Street, Mandaue City.
As a new twist for the 5th Japan-Cebu Karaoke Contest 2018, we will introduce two new categories:
1. “Oldies but Goodies” Category
a. Songs originally released until year 1999
2. “The Millennials” Category
a. Songs originally released from year 2000

Song Selection Mechanics
• Songs chosen must be based on the ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE of the song and NOT when it was re-popularized.
• Songs that are adapted or translated to Japanese are not allowed.
• Verification of your song choices will be conducted by the organizers to determine your correct category.
• Time limit for each performance is 2 minutes.

Contestants Registration
• Interested participants aged 12 years old and above of all nationalities, EXCEPT native Japanese language speakers may join this competition as:
o A solo performer; or
o With a partner as a duet performance
• Each participant/group is entitled to sing ONE (1) JAPANESE SONG only.
• There will be a maximum of 15 Official Survivors each for the two new categories (total of 30 performers). EVERYONE will compete with EVERYBODY ELSE in the same category!
• Application form to be posted in:
Japan-Cebu Karaoke Contest (www.facebook.com/japancebu.karaokecontest)

What if there are more than 15 applicants for each category?
• We encourage a lot of performers to apply for the event. So, we will have a “SURVIVAL NIGHT” to choose our lucky and deserving official survivors.
• Details to be posted soon in our official Facebook page:
Japan-Cebu Karaoke Contest (www.facebook.com/japancebu.karaokecontest)

• To make the Karaoke Contest more interesting, we follow the rules from Japan’s favorite singing show: “Nodojiman” of NHK Television.
• Aside from Voice Quality, the main goal of the show is to entertain the audience.
• If the judges do not find the presentation entertaining enough you will hear a “gong” and then, the presentation will stop. But if they pass the judges’ verdict, you will hear a “chime”.
• So the goal of each performance is not to finish the song but to pass the judges’ verdict.
• The Over-all Champion and Runner-ups will be chosen from among those who heard “chimes” at the end of all stage performances.

Entrance fee to the Bon Odori
• Entrance fee to the 2018 Bon Odori will be announced by the organizing committee soon but Japan-Cebu Karaoke Contestants can enter for FREE! YEAY!
• You will be requested to present a valid photo ID (student IDs accepted) upon entrance.

For more inquiries
Please feel free to message us through our Facebook page:
Japan-Cebu Karaoke Contest (www.facebook.com/japancebu.karaokecontest/).

Application Foam

See you there!