DRUM Performer / Wako Daiko

Wako Taiko; Japanese Drums Club

The club has established by people who are fascinated with Wa-Taiko, the Japanese Drums.

Even it looks to be a simple musical instrument, Wa-Taiko can be difficult to play.
The drums can produce various tones and sounds depending the way it is played.
Considering the unique effect of the drums, players intend to influence an audience with clear, stylish impression.

Related to Taiko, we continue to understand culture and technique of Wa-Taiko. When we play overseas,
we understand there are differences in languages and culture. However, there is no boundary on music;
the sound and the rhythm of Taiko is universal.
Moreover, we hope to influence fans’ life-styles through the experience of Wa-Taiko.

Importantly, we would like to pass our knowledge and skills on to a next generation.
This is a part of Japanese culture.

《Executives》 -President-
Yasuhide Tanaka

-Vice President-
Motoaki Fukano
Kouichi Nakamata
Katsumi Suehiro
Junko Namiki

-Administered Manager-
Yuko Kanasaka

Yukihiro Kakizaki
Taeko Okabe

《History》 Established in 1975

《Organization》 Tokyo Taiko Union -Vice President
Musashino Japanese Drums Union -Vice President
NPO Japanese Culture and Arts Association -Chairman & Directors
Ayumi’s Box Corporation -Member